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When God and Instagram Collaborate

Jun 20, 2019

I had the amazing privilege to travel down south for the cutest San Diego wedding this past Friday. I first met Bree how I meet a lot of my clients… through the world of Instagram! Almost makes you wonder how we ever connected with new people before, huh? Anyways… after sitting down and learning all about Bree ++ Josh’s love story, I could not have felt MORE honored to be apart of such a beautiful day.

Both Bree and Josh are followers of Christ, and are very active in Worship. Now, would you believe it if I told you they met via Instagram because of their involvement in worship? Yeah, sure…. that might not sound too far fetched. What hit my soul hard was that was Josh was living in Virginia working as a pastor, and Bree living in small town Sanger, California when they first started talking over Instagram. After meeting in person and introducing one another to their families Josh made the big move to San Diego to continue his work as a worship leader. During their beautiful ceremony, their Pastor said something that had me smile crying. He said the Lord saw Josh on the East Coast and Bree on the West Coast and said “this is not right”; and the good Lord himself made it possible for these two souls to be together as one.

The toasts given at their reception solidified even more what an amazing work of God this union was (with the collaboration of Instagram of course). Josh’s parents have been married for 37 years! Josh’s dad took the mic and told us a story of how him and his dear wife sat down after they married and wrote out a long list of goals they had for themselves, each other, future children and more. One the biggest goals they had was to raise Children of God; Josh’s dad went on to say that the first day he prayed for Josh’s future wife was the day Josh was born. He prayed with his whole heart that Josh would find a wife who not only loved his son, but also loved the Lord; and it is so easy to see that God has answered this prayer. Josh’s 16 year old sister also KILLED her speech! She gave two speeches, one was in English, and another in Spanish so that Bree’s grandparents would be able to feel included. Lizzy (the 16 year old genius) who was also the maid of honor, read something so beautiful from her prayer journal that had me in literal TEARS! Three nights after Josh and Bree started talking, she wrote in her prayer journal asking God bless Josh and Bree with the happiest life because she just knew they would be married.

There is no denying God hand made these two for one another. As a wedding photographer, these types of loves are one of my favorites to capture. Nothing could ruin this day as long as these two were able to say “I do” and become one before God and their closest family and friends. I cannot wait to see where this life takes these beautiful souls, as you best believe I’ll be following along because they have made a new lifelong bestie. Congratulations Josh and Bree, I wish you both all the happiness in the world!!!







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