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Hi, I'm Charolette.

Carlie and Matt’s Wind Wolves Preserve Engagement

Jan 30, 2020

Okay can we just pause for a second to admire the fact that this location is in BAKERSFIELD, CA?! When it was time to start scouting locations for these two love birds session I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would discover this little gem.

(Shout out to Kaycee Maye for the killer location recommendation)

Carlie + Matt stole my heart from the very second I read their love story! They both met back in high school, Carlie 15 and Matt 18. They were super close friends for years and never even had the slightest clue they would ever end up dating. (Carlie even dated one of Matt’s friends during their friendship)

Over the years, Carlie and Matt lost touch.. but fast forward to December 2016 (the day before Matt’s birthday) Carlie & Matt bumped into one another at a local restaurant / bar. On that night these two could not deny that deep down they’ve always had feelings for one another, and the sparks certainly flew!! They started to casual talk when Carlie discovered Matt had moved to North Dakota for work… insert sad face! They started a long distance relationship!! But by May, Matt was moving back home to be with Carlie and her son. Come July they found out they would be adding a new baby girl to their little family; and they could not be more excited.

(Grab the tissues, because this is where I balled my eyes out)

In July 2019, Carlie’s adorable little boy tragically lost his father. Matt was not only there being a solid rock for Carlie, he stepped up and has been there for Carlie’s boy as well. Carlie could not stop bragging on what an amazing daddy Matt is to her (now their) little boy and daughter!

Fast forward to November 2019 and Carlie and Matt got amazing news; they were having another baby!! At the time we first talked, they were not sure of the gender yet… but they have recently found out they are adding another baby girl to their family July 2020 and they couldn’t be more thrilled.

Here comes my favorite part… the Proposal!

December 22nd 2019, exactly three years from when they bumped into one another at the bar… Matt got down on one knee and asked Carlie to marry him…. I won’t make you guys wait in suspense for her reply. She said YES!!

These two have already been through so much together there is no denying how strong their bond is. I cannot wait to share their big day with them in Spring 2021!! You can bet your booty I’ll be carrying extra tissues on this day because these two just make me feel all the darn feels!! I mean just look at them! Tell me they are not the cutest?!



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