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Yosemite Sessions

Sanika & Stephen Yosemite Sunrise

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We made DREAMS come true during this breath taking sunrise session.

I got an Instagram DM notification at 4:04 PM on a Friday. It was from this sweet bride to be, telling me that they had planned to have their engagement session in Yosemite National Park, but their photographer had just canceled on them. Come to find out, they had come all the way from FLORIDA…. I knew without a doubt in my mind that we had to make this happen for them.

Now keep in mind, neither one of us had a reservation to get into the park.. Sanika and Stephen were suppose to go with their original photographer, and I unfortunately did not have a reservation for that particular week. So I frantically started searching for a way to get us in the park. I was lucky enough to get us a reservation; although I’ve been sworn to secrecy to never speak of how we got said pass LOL all that mattered was we got our pass and were headed to Yosemite National Park the very next morning for an epic Sunrise Session.

Getting to know Sanika and Stephen on the drive up to Glacier Point was an absolute JOY! They both have a love to traveling to all the national parks, but Yosemite it was kicked started that obsession 5 years ago. On the way up the hill I had told them it was crazy how many bears I had been seeing this year during sunrise sessions. There were so many baby cubs compared to prior years. Stephen said the only thing that would make his experience better would be to see a bear close up. I was thinking to myself “great, now I’m going to look like the biggest liar and we will not see ONE single bear”. Wellllll I was wrong!! Right before we got to Glacier a mama bear and 2 baby cubs walked right in front of the car…. verrrryyy slow. It was AMAZING!! Then on our way down the hill, another baby bear darted across the road. Not only did we make their engagement dreams come true…. we made their bear siting hopes come true as well. I will definitely forever count this session as a WIN!

To say I was so honored to be able to capture these images would the be biggest understatement of the century. I am so excited for these two to become Mr. a & Mrs. O’Connor and cannot wait for them to come back to California for a visit!!


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