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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday: Why YOU Should Have a First Look

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In today’s Wedding Wednesday blog, we are addressing why YOU should have a first look. If you have been around for awhile you know how near and dear this topic is to my heart. But in case you are new around here, let me take you back to May 14, 2016.

This was the day I got to marry my very best friend! But let me tell you something, the biggest regret I have from this day was not having a first look. I would give ANYTHING to go back in time, and share a first look with Chris. Today I will break down in detail why I will forever be team first look.

One On One Time

I am sure you have heard it over and over again, this will be the fastest day of your life. This is no exaggeration! I blinked, and was headed to Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon. Which I will be FOREVER thankful we did, because it is the only time I got to spend with Chris (outside our first dance). But during our wedding day, because we opted out of a first look; I hardly got to see and speak to Chris alone.

As soon as our ceremony was over, we were rushed away for pictures. After pictures we were rushed to our grand entrance. Then after our grand entrance, we were rushed to eat our dinner and get the dances, garter and boutique toss done. After those formalities, we were being pulled a million different directions to make sure we visited with all of our guest. Can you see why they tell you the day goes by so fast?!

Funny story, there was an old school bell that hung off the balcony above the dance floor where we got married. Towards the end of the night, and much thanks to Mr. Patron; I remember running up to the balcony and ringing the bell yelling “Has anyone seen my husband?!?” LOL Partial because I was just so excited to call him my husband; but secondly because I really couldn’t find him and I felt so sad that the night was coming to an end I hadn’t spent any real time with him.

In conclusion, with all the first looks we have been honored to be a part of; there hasn’t been one that we have photographed when we haven’t shared a glance of “don’t you wish we would have done this?!”. MAINLY because of the extra one-on-one, alone and quiet time the bride and groom get to share with one another before the craziness of the wedding day begins.

Maybe I Would Remember His Reaction

Yep, you read that right. I DO NOT remember what Chris reaction to seeing me was. I know from photos (thank God); but I would give anything to actually remember it. WHY do I not remember? Well it wasn’t just the tequila believe it or not.

I was extremely nervous about walking down the aisle, because what if I tripped and fell? The fact that everyone was staring at me, eeek NO THANKS. I was freaking out that I felt like I had not control over my emotions and body LOL. It was just such a nerve racking experience! And I just know, if I would have had the first look with Chris, my nerves would be more clam and I would get to enjoy the ceremony more. I truly blacked out and do not remember walking down the aisle. The saddest part brings me into my next point. I don’t even remember what we said in our vowels!

Allows You To Have An Intimate Vowel Reading

THIS is my favorite part of the first look!!!! A lot of our couples opt to read their vowels to one another before the ceremony; just the two of them. Ughhhh the thought of this gives me instant chills. We have witnessed some of the most incredible, raw, emotional vowel exchanges due to the first look. There is a STRONG possibility I have never not cried during this.

Lets face it, when its just you and your future hubby//wifey sharing this intimate moment; without the pressure of all your guest staring at you. This is where some real magic takes place! I will 1000000% be doing this when we renew our vowels.

You Will End Up with MORE Photos!

This goes without saying! I would KILL for more photos of Chris and I together on our wedding day! Looking back we only had time to get a handful of images, and we only like 2 or 3 of them; which is a different story for a different day!!

I do not think you will ever regret having more images with the love of your life. The extra 10-15 minutes of portrait time can increase your final gallery up to 40%!! If photos are one of the most important things to you on your wedding day (WHICH THEY SHOULD BE) 😉 you definitely want to have a first look my sweet friend!

It Relaxes Your Timeline

This is an amazing value you get when adding a first look to your timeline! I know a lot of brides will shy away from a first look because they think this is the only benefit of the first look. Which is why I saved this point for last; but lets talk about it!

Do you WANT to be stressed the heck out on your wedding day?! Chances are NOOOO you do not! Having more wiggle room in your timeline decreases the chances of a major timeline complication by 80%. I have never attended a wedding when the timeline hasn’t ran behind OR we had some type of set back that required us to get back on schedule. I mean this in the nicest way possible, don’t set yourself up for failure thinking your wedding will be the magical unicorn friend!

By getting 80% of your pictures done BEFORE the ceremony. You will have such a more relaxing wedding day experience. We won’t be rushing to make sure you are on time. And the best part, after your ceremony you can either chill with your wedding party, take more husband and wife images; OR cut the cost of cocktail hour completely; and go right into your party! See, the flexibility is really endless.

Do What Is Best For YOU

Obviously I am 10000000% team first look; which comes from first hand disappointment of our own wedding day. BUT I always encourage our brides to do what feels right to them. Do a gut check, and go with it!

Either way your day will be the best day of your life no matter what goes wrong! I just love to educated ya’ll how to have the best day ever, with as little complications as possible. If you are still a hard pass on the first look after reading through my personal experiences; make sure you check out this Wedding Wednesday Blog. It is all about creating your wedding day timeline! And of course I include two photography friendly timeline examples; one with a first look and one without!

Why YOU Should Have a First Look

There you have it friends! I hope this Wedding Wednesday blog was helpful in planning your special day! Deciding on having a first look can definitely seem overwhelming. But, I am hopeful with this breakdown you will feel less overwhelmed and have more clarity on the best option for you!

Until next Wedding Wednesday my sweet friends.



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