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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday : Choosing Your Wedding Dress

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A few weeks ago I had a CW Bride reach out asking, “When the heck should I start looking for my dress?!” So, Katie… this one is for YOU!! On today’s Wedding Wednesday blog post, I am sharing some pro tips for choosing your wedding dress. So buckle up, we are talking all things wedding dresses!!

When Should I Order My Wedding Dress?

Flash back to 2019… I would say 6-8 months before your big day would be PLENTY of time. 6-8 months was the industry standard, but then 2020… do I really need to say more?! Not to stress you out, but in the world we are currently living in as I type this, anything can happen! I would get your dress YESTERDAY. Kidding… kinda.

Just keep in mind it can take most designers 4-5 months just to make the dress. You also need to take into consideration the time it will take for alterations. This can range 3-8 weeks! So make sure you determine who you are going to use for alteration and get on their schedule.

What if You Do Not Have 6-8 Months?

There are plenty of brides who get engaged and have amazing weddings planned, with stunning dresses, within 3-4 months. How are these brides pulling off amazing dresses in such a short amount of time? Here’s a few tricks of the trade.

  1. Ask the shop you are buying from if they have the option to place a rush on your order. Some designers will offer this…. but it will cost an additional fee and not ALL designers will offer it.
  2. A lot of shops will have off the rack dresses you can buy. If you get lucky, you can score your dream dress at a discounted price AND only need to worry about getting it altered.
  3. Be prepared to shop around! You may have to travel to find your dress, especially if you live in a small town.

Be Prepared – The Dress Is NOT Going To Fit You In The Store

I don’t know why, but I had always envisioned trying on my wedding dress, it zipping right up and looking amazing. There is a reason why you order the dress true to your size, and STILL pay for alterations. You have to make that dress fit perfectly to your body sister friend!

It is HIGHLY unlikely when you go to try on wedding dresses, that you are going to find a dress that fits like a glove. I kept finding myself turning down dresses I probably would have LOVED, just because they didn’t fit or look right. The dresses you are trying on, have been tried on by hundreds of brides before you. All different shapes and sizes. The stress will be stretched out, it won’t look band spankin’ new. The dress won’t be YOUR dress, until you order it and it comes in new, as YOUR dress. Keep that in mind when searching for your dream dress.

DO NOT Be Alarmed At The Recommended Dress Size

PLEASE keep in mind, wedding dresses run about 2 sizes larger than your every day sizes. DO NOT size down what you are measuring as because you are “going to loose weight”. Get the size recommended. UNLESS you are having some major, life changing surgery. I would not recommend sizing down. Remember it is very easy for your seamstress to take in your dress, it can be nearly impossible and VERY costly to take out your dress.

Alterations – How Many Sizes Can They Take It In Anyways?

This is a topic that really ranges all over the board! Some say you can only take in your dress 2-3 sizes. While I’ve seen some very talented seamstress take in a dress up to 5 sizes. We all know sweating for the wedding is a real thing! But I stand firm by not ordering your dress smaller, just have your seam-tress take it in friend!

Keep an Open Mind

I know you have already been searching the Pinterest boards. You already haven fallen in love with a designer and have a good idea of what dress you want. But do you really?? You should take into consideration the location of your venue AND what the weather will be like. Example? You probably won’t want to be caught wearing a velvet dress in 104 weather, or a fancy ball gown on the beach.

Also, remember. These bridal consultants are trained to know what dress is going to look amazing on you! And sooooo many times, a dress might not look like a showstopper on the hanger…. but on you; watch out girl! BUT also, do not let someone pressure you into buying something you don’t love.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Above all else, enjoy this process sweet friends! You are only a bride, until you are not! You’re day is going to be absolutely perfect, and YOU are going to be drop dead gorgeous… I just know it!

There you have it friends! I hope this Wedding Wednesday blog was helpful in planning your special day! Choosing your wedding dress can definitely seem overwhelming. But, I am hopeful with these tips and tricks; you will feel less overwhelmed and be able to enjoy finding your dream dress!

Until next Wedding Wednesday my sweet friends.



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