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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday: The Perfect Getting Ready Room

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What if I told you the biggest secret to getting pinterest worthy “getting ready shots” all comes down to having good window lighting? Would you be shocked? Because I am here to tell you, if I can find a window; I can get you amazing getting ready shots! In today’s Wedding Wednesday post we are talking all about how to achieve the perfect getting ready room!

It’s the Morning of Your Wedding!!

Okay, so it is the morning of your wedding. All the excitement is building because today you get to marry your best friend!! But this morning, is all about relaxing and hanging out with your girls ONE LAST TIME before you become a Mrs.

(Insert sappy eyes)

If there are still things that you need done, its time to pass that torch to one of your bridesmaids or family members! BUT one of the biggest tips I can give you, is to keep the area where your getting ready photos will be taken, clean. Sounds simple right? But I promise you, you are going to want to tell your ladies BEFORE the morning of, to keep their things picked up and in a dark corner that we won’t be using for pictures.

This morning will go by extremely fast! Once you add mimosas and the final countdown to get get you all into your dresses, clothing, shoes and a bunch of your getting ready items tend to scatter the room.

Finding The Perfect Window

Why is having a window so important for beautiful pre-ceremony photos? Because it creates the most even, soft, beautifully flattering light! Now, I obviously have the ability to use flash if needed. But the flash images just aren’t the same as the natural window light!

Now, if your “getting ready” room or bridal suite does NOT have access to a window; there is no reason to stress! When I get to a venue the first thing I do is greet my bride, then start looking for where the “getting dressed” shots will take place.

Sometimes it is not ALWAYS in the bridal suite and that is okay! Sometimes we just move to a different room, or we are in a doorway. Either way, it always works out perfectly; and sometimes this scenario is better because then we are not worried about any necessary messes! All this to say if you don’t have control over your bridal suite its OKAY; I am a professional light chaser and know exactly where to get you those perfect getting ready shots you love.

The Perfect Getting Ready Room

So to recap, what makes the perfect getting ready room? A clean area with natural window light! Sounds pretty simple now, right? Last pro tip, if you find the perfect window light but the area is cluttered. Don’t be afraid to carefully move things around (as long as you put it back the way you found it). Chris and I have rearranged dozens of bridal suites just to get those epic shots. Just make sure you are respectful of any of the venues belonging and furniture!

There you have it, friends! I hope this Wedding Wednesday blog was helpful in planning your special day! I am hopeful with these tips and tricks; you will feel extra confident with the getting-ready images you will be taking!

Until next Wedding Wednesday my sweet friends.



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