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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday: Controlled Wedding Exit

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On today’s Wedding Wednesday post, we are talking all things controlled wedding exits. What is a controlled wedding exit? What are the benefits? Why should you add one to your wedding day? I’ll be breaking all the things down for you!

What are Controlled Wedding Exits?

You know all those fun sparkler shots you see on pinterest. The ones where the groom spinning and dipping his bride for an epic kiss shot? I can almost promise you that shot was created during a controlled wedding exit!

A controlled wedding exit, is where the bride and groom sneak away with their bridal party (and parents) to stage the exit. You might think this defeats the whole purpose of your send off, but the controlled exit is far more common than you might think.

What are the Benefits?

I personally could list the benefits of this all day long, but for today I will stick with my main three reasons!

  • You AND your bridal party haven’t partied all night long! This means hair and makeup will still look intact. It also means you’ll also have more corporation from your bridal party (cough, cough drunk groomsmen). This in itself is a BIG win!

  • You will have a more polished look to your exit photos when you are surrounded by your wedding colors! If you invite your whole wedding guest list for an exit shot, you run the risk of having the distracting colors and patterns of your guest stealing the show.

  • You will have the opportunity for the PERFECT exit shot! When the exit shot is taken in real time, you will only have one chance for the perfect shot. A lot can go wrong in the exit, sparker malfunction, someone not throwing the rice at the right time, etc. When we have a controlled wedding exit; we can retake the photo until it is perfect 🙂

Should I Add a Controlled Exit to My Timeline?

In short, YES! Not only am I team controlled exits for all the benefits listed above. But, this will also save you money because you will not have pay to extend your photography coverage. And an extra pro tip, don’t announce to everyone you will be doing a controlled exit. This can “kill” the party vibe and end your night earlier than you wanted! Sneak away with your wedding party for 10 minutes while your family and friends are dancing the night way; chances are they won’t even notice you are missing 😉

There you have it, friends! I hope this Wedding Wednesday blog was helpful in planning your special day! I am hopeful with these tips and tricks; you can rock a controlled exit with ease!

Until next Wedding Wednesday my sweet friends.



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